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If you don’t have to worry about your brand management and reputation, you can use the time to think bigger and deliver more. In other words, how can we help you grow your business?

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Our Wicked Services

social media management

Client-provided content

*per month

  • 3 Profiles Creation/OPTIMIZATION $199.95/profile

    We create or optimize the three most important social media pages for your business: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

  • BASIC Profile MGMt $399.95/month/profile

    1 graphic (GIF or image) post/week, profile optimization, replies to inquiries M-Th 8A-7P excluding Federal holidays

  • + Add Page Profile MGMt $199.95/account*
  • Deluxe Profile MGMt $999.95/month/profile

    Up to 2 graphic (GIF or image) posts/week & 2 video (3 mins or less) posts/month, profile optimization, replies to inquiries M-Sa 8A-7P excluding Federal holidays, Social Media Content Calendar template, $2000 in ad or design credits

  • + Add Deluxe Page Profile MGMt $299.95/account

custom web design

Brand Management Solutions

Hiring Assistance Added Services

  • Job Post Screenings $149.95/account

    250 inquiries

  • + Add Screenings $49.95/screening

    50 inquiries

employee Handbook

  • Base Handbook $599.95

    Client content

  • Custom Handbook $2,999.95

    40 pages of material; WSM-provided content; includes free initial consultation and 2 review sessions

  • + Add Pages Fee $49.95
  • + Add Consultations $99.95/session

video production

  • 15 sec video $249.00
  • 30 sec video $349.00
  • 45 sec video $449.00
  • 60 sec video $549.00

hourly services

  • Graphic Design $64.95/hour
  • Website Design $79.95/hour
  • Social Media Consultation $79.95/hour
  • Slogan/Motto Consultation $99.95/hour

IT Services

Call for consultation

  • Phone Service

    VoIP trunking configuration

  • Structured Cabling

    Network cabling services

  • Windows Servers

    Including Active Directory

  • Linux Servers

    Red Hat, CentOS, Slackware

  • Virtualization

    VMware, Xen Server

  • On site PBX support and configuration

    Panasonic, Avaya, Asterisk, FreePBX

  • Sales of Networking Equipment

    Keystones, Wall Plates, Switches, Routers, Phones, Racks, Cable Management Units

Let Us Help Your Brand

Are you effectively managing your brand? With so many places for your brand to be, managing your brand can seem overwhelming. So while every brand has a story to tell, telling your story effectively can be a challenge. 

WSM helps to identify your brand’s unique story and create strategy that will showcase your story effectively. We don’t just manage your brand, WSM helps you to understand it better.

It’s Wickedly Simple.

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